arrival at Brussel’s airport in March 2015

Zaventem 24 mars 2015

Zaventem airport, March 24, 2015

I will always remember the afternoon of March 24, 2015, when I went to meet her at Zaventem airport. I had been waiting for months for the arrival of this 18-year-old Japanese woman who had come to my home to prepare before starting studies in London. Believe in the marvelous, like Ulysses after his shipwreck in front of Nausicaa, a king's daughter who will come to his aid and perhaps love him? As soon as she appeared in the Zaventem arrivals hall, I immediately understood the qualities of almost magical seduction of the one who would become my model for 5 years. A teenager, between 15 and 20 years old, well nourished, rascal curls that set the tone, sparkling and light as a finger of champagne, she could be my little girl, I invent, I am the only one to have seen her, you understand ? Full of health and imagination, she was eager to learn. Her figure and her look, her freedom of pace and natural elegance, her whole character and fiery temperament. Her thirst for knowledge and pleasure which gave a particular sparkle to her taste for life. Her art of handling words, using her charms and imposing her desires. Impression that the same anarchist blood flowed through her arteries as that of Noè Itô and Sugako Kanno. Time stood still, I changed frequencies. One look of two or three seconds on her face and nothing was the same. Time stopped, I changed frequencies, and there was like a call to life and the light that re-enchanted the world! She made me dream that I was still twenty years old and brought back all the follies of my youth!