presentation of my latest book on the occasion of my exhibition at La Villa Sauvage

“What is it about, if not the precise work of erotic arbitrariness which joins point by point that of poetic arbitrariness ?

And what does the brilliant Haruka do in the end if not to absolutely confuse the two to show us to what extent the thought and desire are inseparable ? “





The portrait of “Ladybug”

which is presented in the collective exhibition “Is there still a spring? “,

From March 6 to 31 in Hannut  (


“Ladybug”, my spring 1981 model in Takasago (Japan).

“The prodigious adventure continues ! thanks to Akina Namiki,
I will be able to paint fantastic nudes ! not only is she adorable,
but in addition to being well rolled from head to toe,
this girl has a fabulous body 
which, with her velvet skin from Utrecht, is for the painter a real treasure

extract from my workshop journal of Monday May 4, 1981 – with
Akina Namiki.




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